what is zakko club?

 "Z A K K O" - useless fish? -

The word 'zakko' or 'zako' means 'useless fish' or 'inedible fish' in Japanese.


There are thousands and millions kinds of fish in the world.

Some are very famous, but others are not known by many people, and just because of that, they are called 'zakko' or 'zako' and have been ignored and be thought as useless.


But we wonder.   "Are they really useless?"

 what is "RESOURCES" ?

When we think of "Natural Resources", we think it doesn't only mean edible sea creatures, but also it means "NATURE ITSELF" and "EVERY CREATURE THAT LIVES THERE".

We think it is important to see and know what kind of creatures that is existing in the place and how they influence on the ecological system.


It is important to have lots of food which human can eat.

But more than that, it is necessary to keep a balance of 'the diversity of natural environment' and 'the variety of creatures which are adopted to live that place'.


The complication makes and sustains the natural richness.

Zakko Club researches those 'resources' and 'natural richness',

and interpret the inaudible voice of creatures to many people

through variety of ways such as cooking lessons, filming underwater, or organizing tours.


The leader of Zakko Club is a freelance curator and researcher.

He's also a photographer, a cook, a diver, a fisherman, a teacher, and a tour guide.


He calls himself "ji yu jin (自游人)".

This word means he lives as he likes, and works as he plays.

Don't you think it sounds fun? Yes, it is!



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