If you come visit Ise Shima Toba area, don't miss a chance to try tasty local dishes!

There are many special recipes that you can only experience here. Click "RECIPE" to get detailed information of each seafood & get recipes to try cooking it at home.

Stir-fried HIJIKI (black seaweed) with some vegetables & deep-fried tofu with sweet soy sauce.
HIJIKI is a low-calorie and fiber-rich food, and it is also good to cook with rice.
Cooking 'octopus' with rice makes octopus soft, and soup comes from octopus gives wonderful flavor on rice.
Barbecued 'TURBAN SHELL'.
It is good to pour a bit of soy sauce on it while it's grilling.
Dried fish is called 'HIMONO'. There are variety of fish that can be HIMONO.
'SAME NO TARE' is one of the popular HIMONO here, and it is actually made by shark!
You'll be surprised that the image of shark is so different from its taste.
Oyster cooked with rice and some thinly shredded vegetables.
Oyster soup seasons rice and vegetables well, and it tastes amazing.
TOKOROTEN is a cool summer dessert.
It looks like jelly, but the texture is a little more solid.
Normally it's been eaten with soy sauce vinegar in Japan, but people eat it with sugar with soybean flour, or pour brown sugar syrup on it in these areas .
Fried breaded 'oyster' is a good way to enjoy oyster in early winter.
Taste of oyster gets concentrated when it's fried.
You can enjoy both outside-crunchy-but-inside-soft texture.
Eat 'Oyster' raw.
It's so good to pour flesh lemon juice or vinegar on it, and eat it in one bite.
MEHIBI is a part of WAKAME seaweed.
It's viscoid and somewhat chewy. 'MEHIBI SOUP' is the best way to enjoy it.
The soup is so delicious over rice!
The most valued seafood that Ama aim to catch.
You can eat it raw (sashimi), but it is also good to grill it. 'ABALONE STEAK', pan-fried abalone with wine-based sauce is fantastic.
There are variety of ways to enjoy it.
Eat raw (sashimi), grill, steam, and also putting lobster into 'miso soup' is so rich in taste!



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