ZAKKO CLUB gives you a very unique experience of JAPAN.


Instead of  preparing  ordinary tours which rates and schedules are already fixed, we want you to offer us what you want to do. We'd like to customize tour plans depending on customer's wish, and create an "only-one" adventure.


Tell us what you want to try. Let's have fun together!! :)

Tour Example -FAMILY-

Our tour gives parents a

chance to let their children learn how exciting playing in nature. Children learn a lot through

inetraction with nature and how precious and important it is.

But to do that, we believe that adults show they are enjoying it first.

Zakko Club provides exciting tours which are fun for both kids and parents.

Fishing (river/sea), Finding creatures at seashore, Cooking Lesson, Fisherman's work experience, Ama Watching, Camp, Tree thinning etc.


7:00 AM


Enjoy seasonal Japanese style breakfast.

9:00 AM

Let's explore a mysterious inhabited island in Toba! Climb trees, find creatures at seashore, 


Kids make a fire and cook by themselves. It will be a memorable experience for everyone.

1:00 PM

Guide will take you to the safe & fun spot to enjoy snokeling. Guide will also teach kids underwater world.

6:00 PM

Request what you want to eat.

We'll bring you to the place to eat, or we can cook for you.

8:00 PM

You can see fireflies in summer, and it is fun to stroll around the village at night.

Exploring Ogura Island

Lunch (BBQ)



Night Tour

JPY15,000 /person

Dinner not included to this rate

​Making fire brfore you cook.

Night harbor shows different attmosphere.

Climbing a tree will be an exciting experience for kids.

Snokeling beginner is also welcomed. Guide will show you how to do it.

Tour plans and schedules will be flexible according to your request and budget.

minimum : 5 persons

5:00 AM


Early breakfast before starting morning work!

6:00 AM

Help Fisherman's Work

Get on the fishing boat and out to sea. Or clean fishing nets at harbor. Kids see variety of sea ceatures and learn how fish on their plates are caught


Lunch (At Fisherman's hat)

Reward for the work is a great fisherman's lunch! Menu depends on what you catch today.

2:00 PM

Cooking Lesson

Use fish or shells you catch in the morning. Learn how to cook them and eat.

4:00 PM

Seafolk Museum Tour

Staff guides you and answers to your questions on site. It helps you to get more information than just visiting a museum.

6:00 PM


Eating out at a local restaurant and talk with its regular customers might be such a fun experience for visiters.

JPY25,000 /person

Dinner not included to this rate

minimum : 5 persons

Tour plans and schedules will be flexible according to your request and budget.

Fisherman's work is tough. Every movements are so quick and skilled.

Joining local community and make some friends...

this is one of the most exciting parts of travelling.

We would like customers to touch and feel real life of fishermen and Ama.

Zakko Club gives a chance to visitors who come alone or a small group to challenge new things you've never tried.

Join fishermen's lunch. Cold beers after a hard work is exceptional!

Cook 'Tokoroten' by yourself (summer)

Seafolk Museum

Snokeling (river/sea), Fishing (river/sea), Finding creatures at seashore, Cooking Lesson, Fisherman's work experience, Ama Watching, Tree thinning etc.




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